September 23, 2010

I am attracted to new things, they sound interesting, life changing and full of new experiences.

I fear new things, they sound dangerous,  potentially life changing and full of unknown.

I love the feeling I get from being “brave” and trying something new as much as I dislike the feeling I get from passing a novel opportunity. Yet, there are times when it sounds too dangerous and too unknown and I run away from it all.

I am not talking about the big things only, though it does apply to them also. It could be as insignificant as choosing from a menu: Do I get something I know I’ll like, or try something new that may push my taste buds and will either be a big hit or a never again?

Tonight, it’s about neither the big nor the little. We are going out of town this weekend – no that is not the new scary part – and we are renting out our apartment to some ppl I don’t know. I fell in love with the idea right away. I mean who doesn’t like to make a little money when you are on a vacation spending your own? So we jumped  right in and it is only when I saw all the hurdles in getting ready for it that I freaked. It all got taken care off, as it always does, and we are ready for our guests, but I am still anxious about leaving my place to strangers. And so I second guess myself. Are they going to take care of my wedding plates? lock the door behind them? Leave a funny kitchen smell?

It’s all pretty ridiculous, so let’s hope that when we get back on Monday I’ll have that “yeah I tried something new how cool” feeling and not the alternative.

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