Rainy days

August 27, 2010

After months of sweltering summer heat, we got rain. Not just any rain, the perfect rain, well until I had to spend a day outside. But on that first day of rain, the windows stayed open, a light drizzle like rain fell steadily all day, a steaming cup of tea sat on the table, books were spread open all over the couch. A rainbow of paints tubes, glue sticks, colorful feathers, goggly eyes and sparkles kept Elana busy for the afternoon. It was the quintessential Sunday and I loved every moment of it.

It never stopped raining on Monday.

Tuesday I pulled out my rain coat excited for a rainy experience in the city. Four outings later, with as many pairs of shoes and pants drying out in our living room , I was ready to close the windows and hide under a warm wool blanket w that same cup of steaming hot tea I’d enjoyed the last two days. That wasn’t counting on the pressing pleas of my dear friend to join in the stoop party which had of course moved indoors.

Still unconvinced it was a good idea when we left the house, my doubts, soaked and cold, disappeared the minute I stepped in the warmth of our friends house. The cold rainy night made the candle lit room the only place I wished to be. Bubbles happily socialized in my glass while I indulged in French cheeses, fresh off the boat provincial olives and more sweets than one should ever have in one setting. We ate, we laughed, we shared…

The sun returns the next day.

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