Catching up

August 9, 2010

I am always trying to catch up and should really admit that it will never happen. So, I am done trying to have it all done,  bring the to do list to zilch, or be on top of everything. I am done running after the meaningless goal of having less than 50 emails in my inbox, or reading the newspaper front to back everyday. I am done because it slows me down in things that really matter and then I feel really behind. Behind in life. That is a much bigger problem than being behind in reading the 100th edition of Parenting magazine. So no more catching up, but focusing on prioritizing and on the NOW of life.

Emails will be replied to in time, my friends know that I am terrible at keeping on top of it all and they forgive me and still love me, because when I do write, it’s with my heart and when I do call, they have my undivided attention. It bothers me when I am on the phone w someone who is obviously reading emails or texting someone else. Save an emergency, it can probably wait a few minutes and if it can’t I’d rather chat at a later time.

This is all a bit hypocritical, like many ppl I have become addicted to the instant gratification of modern communication channels that allows us to be and stay in touch w everyone at all times. Who bothers leaving a voicemail when then can also send an email, instant message, buzz, or write on someone’s wall?  But while I do enjoy it’s benefits I also think an unintended consequence was to  decreases the quality of the communication we have with others. And for me, it has put me behind in life.

I challenge myself to communicate w my friends and family w genuine, undivided attention.

Let the prioritizing beging

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  1. Stephanie on August 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    mmmmmmmmmm…good idea lady. the present is a gift. that’s why it’s called the present 🙂

    hahahhaha i don’t know where i heard that but i thought it was kinda cute. kinda cheesy but kinda cuuuute 🙂

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