Twelve years

July 14, 2010
From July 2010

Twelve years ago, I landed in San Francisco. I brought with me a bag I couldn’t carry by myself, my dance shoes and all the expectations of an high school grad taking her first step into a new world.

This year for the first time, I looked back and said to myself, wow, that was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done and the best and longest lasting experience of my life. Most amazing are the people I met along the way, the Kendas, the Vivas, the Lionels, the Jennifers, the Kates, Pats, Ramiros, the Mateos, the Iris, Stephanies, Delphines, the Paulas,The Taylor (that is THE Taylor), my dance ppl, my schoolmates, my work friends and the strangers I’ve only talked to once but changed me forever…

And the people I left behind, but stuck by me despite the distance and the time, my family, my closest friends, my high school crew… the people who no matter how long it has been I miss as much if not more than the day I left.  Those who forgave the missed birthdays, the weddings I didn’t make, the babies I only know in pictures, the family dinners I only heard about…

They, YOU, have brought me here today. You saw me grow, you helped me up when I stumbled, you laughed w me, you blessed my wedding and smiled at my child. You never gave up on me… So today I celebrate twelve wonderful years of YOU!

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