July 10, 2010

I thought the rain had come and gone, less than five minutes of cool air moving through the open windows. But Ganymede was just getting ready for her real show, a symphony of splashes, crescendos leading to a rhythmic allegro before a quiet adagio letting us hear every drop hit in turn, the parched leaves and thirsty blooms, the dusty cars parked below, or hitting the windows and slowly, quietly sliding down to the ground for a final plop and then KABOOM, thunder takes over the musicality of the storms, powerful, long lasting roar, ricocheting throughout the city and only reluctantly letting the sound of rain regain it’s prominence in this genius of musicality.
The air is still warm from weeks of humid heat, the roof deck where I practiced yoga in the morning sun is flodded, the puddles by the windows run through the rooms, undoubtedly proving that our floors aren’t leveled and we control the volume of the storm by closing and opening them following the rain’s ever changing trajectory, creating in so doing our own rain dance.

In a while the thunder will weaken; the storm will move away, and I wish, leave us with the smoothing, cooling sound of summer rain.

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