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July 1, 2010
From June 2010

For today at least! We are going out of town this weekend and there will be little time for writing.

May and June were super fun, super busy, super full months and I’m not gonna give ya a play by play, but you’ll get the highlights.

Starting by last night! Concert in the park, a birthday party, friends getting together, celebrating. Strangers becoming friends and sharing a meal, children finding new instantaneous best friends all sporting an electric blue clown mouth after devouring the birthday boy’s cake. Well he turned 40, but he had fun as if he was a kid himself.

Homemade sangria perfumed the air, champagne bubbles chanted in mini cans, wine poured from incognito’s thermos all to the sound of West African music brought to us by the not so shabby Boubacar Diabate with SambaLolo. I danced, twirled and stamped my feet to the ancestral beats and Elana’s smiles.

Friendships grew a little stronger, I saw our social network here in Boston weave itself in tighter and more complex threats and, for me it was another thing to celebrate…

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