Out of the mouth of babes / De la bouche des enfants

March 8, 2010
Un peu d’humour…
Ce matin, après le petit déjeuner:
Elana: On va chercher des livres?
Moi: A la bibliothèque?
Elana: Oui! Je t’aide, d’abords il faut enlever mon pyjama.
Moi: D’accord
Le pyjama rangé, je lui demande:
Moi: Et maintenant?
Elana: Mais il me faut des chausettes Maman! Je vais avoir froid.
Moi: Tu essaies de les mettre?
Elana: Oui.
Et après qques secondes (toujours nue comme un vert): Voilà je suis prête! Mets tes chaussures Maman, on y va.
A la découverte…

Le weekend passé, Elana a découvert mes chaussures rouges à talon haut qui trainaient dans le salon et aprés qques pas difficile, les enlève, les observe et dit: Non, c’est pour mettre sur les mains ça.

Après qque secondes de silence elle ajoute, pas sur d’elle: Peut-être…

Et beacoup de tendresse…
Avant d’aller lire une derniere histoire dans son lit avec son papa, Elana me donne toujours un gros bec. L’autre soir, son papa la portait, alors elle a mis ses bras autour de nos coups, nous serrant fort, et nous dis: J’vous aime bien “les gars”
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A funny moment…
After breakfast this morning:
Elana: Let’s go get books, Mom
Me: At the library?
Elana: Yes at the library. I’ll help you, I need to take my pyjama’s off first.
Me: OK
Once the pj’s are put away:
Me: What should we do now?
Elana: I need socks Mom! My feet will get cold
Me: Good idea, can you put them on?
Elana: yes
And after a few seconds she adds (still completely naked): Get your shoes, Mom! I am ready, lets go!
On discovering…
Elana found my red high heels shoes laying around in the living room the other and put them on to go on a stroll. She stopped after a few awkward steps, stepped out of them, looked at them intensely and said: No, thats for my hands.
And still staring at them a minute later, quite unsure of herself she added quietly: Hum, maybe…
On being sweet…
Before Taylor takes Elana to her room for a last bedtime story she always gives me a hug and a kiss. The other night, Taylor was holding her so she put her arms around our necks, holding us close to her and said: I love you “guys”.
Yes we both laughed!
A few days before that, after I had told her “I love you” she looked at me very seriously and replied: Aaaaawe, you are sho shweet

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